According to Jay Baer, a Hall of Fame emcee and keynote speaker, 80 million people in the United States alone listened to a podcast every week during 2021. Podcasts are a powerful way to reach your audience, as they listen to you and pay attention to what you have to say. As your podcast stays relevant, your listeners will be able to connect with you.
Planning your marketing campaign with a podcast will increase your reach and effectiveness. Presenting your ideas in your podcast will allow you to share thoughts and receive feedback from your audience. Furthermore, as you grow your podcast, you will be able to invite other business owners who are similar-minded and learn from their experiences.

As you start your podcast, you should focus on a particular niche or topic. Rather than keeping your subject broad, finding a niche will allow you to find a less-saturated market from the two million podcasts currently available for listing. For example, if you owned a car-cleaning business, you could focus on speaking about your experiences with cleaning cars. This will, in effect, increase your effectiveness and allow you to push your brand across social media and the internet. People will be more likely to share your content.

Make sure that you produce high-quality content. During your podcast, you should stay focused, and avoid rambling or going off-topic. People who tapped into your podcast are expecting to hear about the title or topic you gave it. Give them a reason to listen. Offer some piece of unique advice or enriching content that will capture their attention.

People want to know that their voices are heard, but some may feel uncomfortable going out on their own. Offer opportunities for your listeners to chime in. You can submit polls on social media, read guest post entries from your blog, or invite guests on your show to share their experiences. This level of engagement will prove that you are a real human being.

You will be able to promote your own brand, giving current and future customers something to identify with. More people will begin to trust your brand, knowing that you offer insights into your industry and market. They will recognize your podcast and you may be equally recognized as an expert in your respective field over time.

Author: Trent Elijah

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