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Problems with the Internal Revenue Service can be very serious. If your small business is being audited or has other tax issues, you can face fines, levies, liens, and even jail time. And once collection starts, the IRS can be relentless in not only the collection process, but invading other areas of your life, and the situation can be made much worse when penalties and interest start to compound.

If you owe money to the IRS, you need the competent Small Business Tax Resolution professionals at JTC CPAs in Roswell or the surrounding areas in Atlanta and throughout Georgia who negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome. Options may include the IRS’ Offer-In Compromise, an affordable payment plan, or possibly bankruptcy. Let JTC CPAs help you get your tax problems resolved quickly, and take the weight off your shoulders.

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If you’ve ever dealt with the IRS, you know it’s not a particularly pleasant experience. From the long hold times to the abrasive phone manners, the thought of having to talk to the IRS can paralyze you. Let JTC CPAs handle communication with the IRS so you don’t have to.

Whether you are paralyzed by fear or just procrastinating the inevitable, ignoring IRS issues only makes the issue worse, not disappear, so if you owe back taxes, have non-filed returns, payroll tax problems, IRS liens, levies, or wage garnishments pending, ignore these issues no longer. Let JTC CPAs in Roswell or the surrounding areas in Atlanta and through Georgia handle all your Small Business Tax Resolution issues.

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At JTC CPAs, we take time to counsel with you personally on the many details that go into the Small Business Tax Resolution Services. After all, accounting is not just about the numbers, it’s about the solutions. Finding your how and why. Looking deeper into the details of your profit and loss. Asking bold questions about each challenge you meet along the way.

You can rely on JTC CPAs to help you find the answers and to help you with all your Small Business Tax Resolution needs in Roswell or the surrounding areas in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. With JTC CPAs you can confidently navigate the ups and downs of daily business functions, stay compliant with the many twists and turns of government, bank and investor demands, and win at this game of small business.

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