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Your small business most likely stores important client, product, and financial information on a computer. These details, including information with your CPA in Atlanta, may be stored either in your office or off-site in a data center. Whatever the case may be, you should be aware of the effect of information technology on your small business and your financial accounting.



Your data that is stored often has sensitive information which may or may not be accessed for varying spaces of time, but you should be aware of the implications of data integrity. Be sure to double-check the time and date of files as you save them, using passwords where necessary. Follow up if necessary, and speak with your CPA in Atlanta about making sure that any communications between you and the accounting firm are encrypted. This will help protect your data from losing integrity and unexpected changes being made.



Due to the nature of your business containing confidential information about products, services, and clients, you should make sure that this information remains private and confidential. Your CPA in Atlanta should be aware of any details which you have to take into account, and you should check with them in order to verify what exactly they do to keep things confidential. Take time to review policies and plans to address any potential threats.



At any given time, your company information regarding clients, client orders, and deliveries should be readily available. If there are obstacles that prevent you or your employees from being able to access the needed information, you should speak with whoever is responsible for your data. You also want your financial information to be accessible, reach out to your CPA in Atlanta and make sure that you have a secure portal set up where you can download information, including monthly reports if requested. These policies and procedures will enable you to maintain steady access and minimize downtime.


Wrap Up

With your data, you can never be too careful. Carefully consider the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility in your information technology plan and procedures. Verify policies with cooperating organizations, including your CPA in Atlanta, to make sure that details remain private, secure, and safe. Avoid the pitfalls of data loss or client breaches and maintain a sturdy reputation to those whom you serve or sell.

Author: Trent Elijah

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